Green Nutrition sells quality microgreens at an affordable price. Inspired by the simple principle of a clean product that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, Veronica Baginski founded Green Nutrition in July 2021.


Veronica’s relationship with microgreens began alongside her mother’s cancer journey. They were looking for simple and clean ways to get nutrition. To combat this, the Family began researching a solution and stumbled upon microgreens.


Microgreens are a simple way to get the nutrients you need without eating large amounts of food. Plus, they taste great! 


While researching, Veronica found that microgreens are such a great source of nutrition they provide up to

40x more nutrients than the actual vegetable.

Green Nutrition sprouted from this research and the direct impact microgreens had on her Family's health. Now Veronica sells a variety of microgreens that she grows.

This isn't a gimmick.


Green Nutrition provides its customers a clean product in the way nature intended.


Grown with dirt, water, and a whole lot of love.
There are no sprays. No chemicals. This is just pure nature.